Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pictures of my ancestors

Joseph Guild Lewis
2nd Lieutenant Co. B
Paroled 2nd Lieutenant, Commanding, Co. A (combined A & B)
Shreveport, LA 07 Jun 1865

Eli Cooper Lewis
Younger Brother of Joseph G. Lewis
4th Corporal, Company B
Paroled 1st Corporal Co. A (combined A & B)
Shreveport, LA 07 Jun 1865


Anonymous said...

I like the web page a lot. I think you have one of the pictures identified wrong. The picture of the fellow on the banner that is identified as Andrew J Copper is really Eli Cooper Lewis, He was Joe Guilds younger brother. He was a First Corporal in Co. A., 8th Mo. cavalry along with Joe.
Good work,
Jeff Lewis

CSA Brent said...


Thanks for the comments. I'm glad you like the webpage. Thank you for the clarification. I was not aware that who I thought was Andrew J. English, is indeed Eli Cooper Lewis, Joseph G. Lewis's little brother. I'll pass the info. onto James McGhee, where I got the picture from. I look forward to getting more documentation from you on this subject. Thanks again, Jeff!

CSA Brent said...

I'll also have to fix this in Grandpap's War as well...

Anonymous said...


I love the new art that you have added to the site. I also think that the addition of your picture in uniform is a link to the past in reality, a continuation of Grandpaps War. Joseph Guild Lewis must have a smile on his face a mile wide! His britches are probably busting with pride. I betcha he is pointing to you and saying to his friends and family, that's my Kin, my beloved descendant, my Brent! Ain't he a handsome fella? Anyway, great job as usual. I've been through the 8th Missouri and Harty Family History website, and if I were wearing a shirt with buttons on it, they would have popped off long ago! Keep up the good work!


CSA Brent said...

Thanks Dad! Yep, I feel that way too that myself in uniform ties me to Grandpa Lewis, and all the others who veterans (Jacob Cossairt and his kin; William Munford Tuck...I'm fixin' to do a site for Mom's side of the Civil War vets). When I first started to drill, and do it right, I felt like, 'Wow, I'm really doing it like my ancestors!' and I got this big rush of pride in them.

I know you understand all this, but I bet many wouldn't.

Unknown said...

Hi, I am a descendant of Eli Cooper Lewis. I have a photo I believe to be Joseph Guild Lewis and family from circa 1890s. Another family member passed it on but seemed to have erroneously IDd the photo to be of Joseph Cooper Lewis pre 1850. Would you please contact me to have a look at the photo? My e-mail is I greatly enjoyed the story from Joseph Guild Lewis. It was very exciting to read. I am researching where New Madrid Jo came from prior to settling in the Louisiana Territory. Thank you.