Monday, June 25, 2007

In Memory of the 8th MO Cavalry Revolvers

Here I am with my recently purchased (used at a very nice good price!) Colt 1851 Navy Sheriff revolver. I like this pistol a lot. It may have been in the hands of the 8th Missouri. It is hard to say, as many soldiers brought their own pistol from home, if they were to have any firearm at all.

If not, it is likely that the standard Navy revolver (slightly longer and heavier than the "Sheriff" model pictured) was even the 1861 Navy. Both are .36 caliber. I haven't fired the weapon yet, but look forward to doing so soon. I must saying the holding this Colt, I find it very pleasant and seemingly a joy to use. I like my Enfield rifle too, but the pistol just seems more natural to me. Maybe it is that cavalry blood from my ancestors flowing in my veins!


Nathaniel said...

It could feel nice because it's a lot lighter, hehe. Either way, very nice.

Anonymous said...

Nice looking pistol. The barrel on grandpaps pistol was longer than the one you have, or seemed to be. It is hard to remember what it looked like, but either way, your pistol is a great look-a-like, might even be it. Like your pictures.

CSA Brent said...

Yes, my guess is he either had the standard Colt 1851 Navy (which is 2 inches longer with the octagonal barrel) or the 1860 Colt Navy (which has a round barrel). But there were a lot more 1851 revolvers made and sold than there were the 1860 revolvers. But it could have been 'relieved' from a Yankee and reissued to Grandpap too...who knows. I wish we still had the pistol, or at least more of the stories behind it.