Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Empty Chair - Band of Brothers

Please excuse, if you will, the World War II video on this site. But the sentiment is quite appropriate. Here is a video that my brother, Nathaniel, just recently composed. I thought it appropriate for Veterans Day, which wasn't too many weeks ago. I also thought of both my grandfathers who fought in the European Theater. Both saw extensive action and 'lived' to tell the tale. As my mother's mom, Maxine Elizabeth Frix Buckley used to say, something to this effect, 'my Robert died in the War. He came home, but he was a different person, never quite the same.'

Also, in honor of Robert E. Lee's 201st birthday yesterday, January 19th and Thomas J. 'Stonewall' Jackson's 184th birthday tomorrow, January 21st - I thought this video to be appropriate as well.

Surely, they both felt this way often during the War Between the States, and General Lee must have often missed one of his most prolific generals. I believe our Heavenly Father took General Jackson home when he did in May 1863, or the Confederacy would have surely won! And although I love the men of the Confederacy and their patriotism that they supported by often paying the ultimate price - their lives - we surely became the Greatest Nation on the Earth because we became a Nation after the Civil War.

At any rate, nice job on the video, Fan!

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Anonymous said...

Regarding your grandmother (my aunt) Maxine, I heard her say that Robert was killed in WWII but it took him 15 years to die.

Jim Atkinson
Ajo, Arizona