Monday, June 14, 2010

Missouri Trip & 8th MO historical sites

Well, it has been a great while since I've taken the time to make a post. Life gets that way sometimes. But I get to take a trip back to the St. Louis for the back end of June to visit family. And an even better treat - my wife is now able to come along! So that is great.

The plan is to visit a lot of family history sites with my Dad. Of course, we plan on seeing several 8th MO CAV sites as well. When I get the pics, I will make another post. Until then, hang tight and keep riding!


De said...

I have been following your blog...great site. I am researching an 8th soldier and am interested in why/how they ended up in Shreveport, as prisoners. Don't know where to keep gong for info.

De said...

I have followed your blog, a great one, because I am researching one of the 8th for a friend. I am interested in how/why they ended up in Shreveport as prisoners. Hope you enjoyed your trip!

Anonymous said...

De-thanks 4 thecompliment! I need to be more active in posting about the 8th. As for how they surrendered in Shreveport-basically that was MG Kirby Smith's headquarters. So the entirity of the Confederate forces under his command took the Oath of Allegiance & paroled there. And then made their way home...

Thanks again for visiting & glad you like the site!

De said...

Can we chat off blog? I have a gazillion have peaked my interest in this ancestors activities! I research at BYU FHL...does that strike anything?, then erase that info....

Anonymous said...

My ggrandfather was Joel English, 8th Mo. Cavalry CSA. Am interested in what happened at Shreveport & any info concerning him.JB

CSA Brent said...

Barwickherr...I'm sure we have distant relations. If you noted on the opening page along the right you'll see all those in the 8th MO I'm related to. Go ahead and send me an email for more info if you wish.

CSA Brent said...

De - feel free to send me an email at

Andrew Hair said...


I was wondering if you might be able to help me with something. I have a great great grandfather, James Morgan of Springfield, Missouri who fought with Company A, 8th Missouri Cavalry—at least that’s what his pension file says (and little else). I want to confirm that was a Confederate unit and not Union, especially since the Missouri Home Guard units had all kinds of designations. His name didn’t show up in the roster for the 8th you have linked to, but I’m sure there could be many reasons for the omission. I would appreciate any thoughts.

By the way, I’m also in El Paso, and like to blog about my ancestors at You have a great site!

Thanks, Andrew!

Unknown said...

Great site. I hope it is still running. All the Masterson's in the unit was either my GG grandfather or great uncles. I hope to hear from you all.

Unknown said...

James was my gg grandfather

Unknown said...

All you who are searching for more info on great GG - I believe I can offer some help to you. My father probably has done more family history research on the 8th MO CAV REG CS than anyone alive now. His email is Just send him an email with your ancestors name in the subject and I'm sure he'll be be able to help you in someway. Best wishes and happy hunting!

Anonymous said...

First- Thank you for your service. Second- Thank you for your interesting website. I don't know why, but my great grandfather and his cousin fought with the 7th Mo. Cavalry,C.S.A, even though they were Cape Girardeau County boys. I have found at least 10 relatives, that I know of, on the 8th Mo. Cavalry roster. I will e-mail your father for more info on them. My family even shares a bond with one of your relatives.

I think it is important to more that because Mo. was a border state, like Md., the atmosphere was more passionate and hateful there, than in other parts of the country. In other southern states, a family would be supported and comforted on their losses by their neighbors. In Mo., if your neighbor was routing for the other side, your loved ones' grave would be spit or danced on. There was a really mean-spirited hatred in this area. Most of my family left after their older generation passed on - further south where it was friendlier or out west to start over.

I'm very happy that you are portraying both sides as descent, honorable men. The Comfederate soldiers certainly didn't feel like that after the war was over.Even today, many people think of them as evil, racist rednecks and deface their monuments.

Best of luck in your future endeavors.


Anonymous said...

Can Anyone Help???
I purchased a 1861 Confederate used copy of Hardees’s Tactics yesterday at a used book store, and there seems to be an interesting story with the inscriptions inside, it appears there was a Connecticut Yankee in the Rebel Missouri Cavalry. This tactics was carried by 1st Sgt. John H. Austin; he notes he was from New Haven, Conn. Inside the front cover is a roster of the “Swamp Rangers” of Captain William Jeffers MO Cavalry.

It list
W L Jeffers Capt.
S S Harris 1st Lient.
W L Watkins 2nd “
J W Wilkenson 3rd “
J H Austin 1st Sergt.

On the next page it is written “ The Volumes were borrowed from Jackson Missouri”.
John H Austin inscribed his name twice as “John H. Austin New Haven Conn.”

I have found William L Jeffers and Lt. Samuel S Harris, but can find nothing on Austin or the rest of the officers. It seems the Swamp Rangers were short lived. I have tried in vain on the NPS and the CW Database, as well as 3fold. Can you help solve the mystery of Austin, the Swamp Rangers, and Officers on the roster?? All help is greatly appreciated….

Chris Carroll
BA History NCWC

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

My Gr.Gr grandfather Jacob M. Wills along with many of his cousins served with the 8th Missouri Cav. After the Yankees came to his farmhouse and took all his livestock wagon and crop giving him a piece of paper and telling him to go to the quartermaster in Cape. The quartermaster told him and his cousins they were rebs and then needed to pay for this war so they received nothing. They all joined the 8th Missouri Cav shortly afterward.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brent my name is Rodney Goff. I have documents of my relatives that fought at Vicksburg. Captain Stephen D Coale. 1rst Batt. Cav. 8th Division. Company G. He was captured wrote letters about prison life. My mother donated the letters to Missouri historical society in Boone county MO in the 60s. His brothers also were at Vicksburg. Sergeant. Hugh G Coale. Company C. He was severely wounded went across the Mississippi never to return it says in the documents that I found. Private William H Coale went on furlough never to return. Corp. Peter Caole. Never to return. I have a question I was wanting to ask you. I am getting ready to go to Vicksburg and I was wondering if you knew what part of the battlefield they were assigned to protect and fought. I would like to stand in the same spot as my relatives did. Ps all of the Coale's are from Moniteau County Missouri.