Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Chapter pictures from Grandpap's War

For your viewing pleasure, here are the original artwork that make up the drawings for the chapter headings for Grandpap's War. If you are super familiar with period sketches and paintings from the Civil War, you may see a resemblance to some of those works. But all the drawings were redone and adapted by myself, so all indeed original, though very much...inspired we'll say...from some other artist's work. In all seriousness, I greatly appreciate the original pieces. Without the work of the period artists, I could in no way have produced appropriate artwork for the book. My thanks goes out to them...whoever they are!

End of Each Chapter and the Book

Cover of Grandpap's War

Chapter 1 - Anger Erupts at the Neighborhood Hog Butchering

Chapter 2- Neighbor Against Neighbor

Chapter 3 - Grandpap Gets Pushed Into the War

Chapter 4 - The Battle of Wilson's Creek

Chapter 5 - Raid on Alton Prison

Chapter 6 - The Gray Ghost of Stoddard County
Chapter 7 - The Round Pond Massacre



Nathaniel said...

I think I like the one from chapter 1 the best, but they all look good.

CSA Brent said...

Thanks Fan!...

Yea, that one was a famous painting of JEB Stuart. It is of course, adapted a bit. But that one as well as the cover (a painting of a Union Cavalry officer riding a review in front of a line of Yankees after a battle) were the 2 well known paintings. All the rest were sketches from the time. So the better the original the piece, the more detail I was able to put in my drawing. Thus is was with the chapter 1 drawing.

Although, looking at the chapter 7 drawing, that one I just changed the marking system alot. It has a lot of detail to it...in the original form that is. And the chapter 5 drawing is taken from a photo of Alton Prison in 1860. The horses and riders were from an old west painting.

Anyway, just a little background. Thanks again!

CSA Brent said...

I think chapter 3 or the Epilogue are my favorites. I'm pleased with all of them, although I would improve ch 6 and the cover if I had the chance. They were the early ones. But I like the feel of chapter 3 and especially the Epilogue. It makes me think that Grandpap is looking back on future generations to lead them in the right way. Each rider in the file represents another following generation.

CSA Brent said...

On the Chapter 1 drawing, I subsituted Dad's face (from his high school senior picture - best I could...it was so small) for JEB Stuart's face. And rider next wasn't changed much at all, but in the story is the cousin who Grandpap had to shoot in self defence. This is the last race they had, with Ol' Dan winning here.

a said...

I like all of the drawings, and I especially like the way that the flags fall. I can see the folds, and they look so realistic! Great job!

Anonymous said...

WOW Brent! I'm toaltly blown away wih he look of everything you've put together. I'm proud to be the owner of a first draft copy. The art work is amazing but since I have an orginial Harty hanging on my frint room wall I already knew how great you were. Kudos to Bethany for the video. Great job
Judy B

CSA Brent said...

thanks Judy...glad you liked it...and that you still like that old still life after all these years!