Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Grandpap's War

This is a book that my father, Paul Hampton Harty, Jr, the great, great-grandson of Joseph Lewis, wrote. It is a collection of stories that he heard from his grandfather, Simeon English Lewis, as a young boy in Stoddard County, Missouri.

Simeon Lewis heard them from his grandfather, Joseph G. Lewis, who, of course, fought in the 8th Missouri. Not only does it have stories about various engagements, but the stories are told in such a way to teach his grandsons about the War Between the States. Although he and others were basically forced into protecting their families and homes, they did not wish to fight and would have preferred to live in peace.

At any rate, I edited the book for Dad, and did the artwork for the book. Frank Kriegseis, a friend of mine, helped me lay out the book, and it is currently in the final printing stages. So enjoy the book, here in pdf format.

Cover Art for Grandpap's War

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