Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Note on "Tell My Father"

This awesome little slide show to music was made my wife, Bethany Harty. I helped a bit in the editing process (mainly to make sure that there was at least one picture of me in it!), but she deserves all the credit. Quite a few of the pictures were taken by us, several Bethany found online (particulary of Yankee re-enactor groups, as we portray the Confederacy of course!) and many, especially those of the fallen brave, are of course real portraits taken at the time. Many are from Gettysburg.

As you listen, you'll notice the singer talks about "tell him how I wore the blue". This is obviously from the perspective of a Union soldier singing. But I feel that, of course, this song applies to men on both sides of the War Between the States. I feel that surely, these feelings were felt by men on both sides, and were very American sentiments. And could even really apply to soldiers in all American conflicts.

The song is from the Civil War-The Nashville Sessions, 1998. It is sung by Kevin Sharp and written and produced by Frank Wildhorn. This presentation can be a bit of a tear-jerker, so be forewarned! Enjoy!

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