Saturday, April 14, 2007

Remembering My Civil War Ancestors

Welcome all! This website's aim is initially designed to do several things. First and foremost, it is to honor my direct ancestors who fought in the 8th Missouri Cavalry, Company B, Confederate States of America. Specifically these men were 2nd Lieutenant Joseph Guild Lewis, his younger brother 2nd Corporal Eli Cooper Lewis and Privates Andrew Jackson English and Matthew Holley English. Other relatives include their nephews Christopher Columbus English and Joel R. English, as well as cousins Robert Morrison English and Thomas W. English. These cousins fought mainly in Company F of the 8th Missouri. Also, there is a complete listing of cousins in the sidebar who fought in the 8th Missouri in various companies.

All these men were from Cape Girardeau County, Missouri. I also was born in Cape Girardeau County, so many years later.

But I feel a great respect for their sacrifices that they made to preserve their rights as Missourians. And not just did they do this for themselves, but I believe they went to fight and possibly die (indeed, Matthew H. English did die in 1863) so that their children, grandchildren, and even 3rd great-grandsons, could live in a better world.

For that, I stand in awe and am grateful for their sacrifices for me. Not only will this page help me remember them, but I hope it will help my family, friends, and those I don't yet know, to remember them and the thousands of men like them.

Secondly, I hope this will stand as a forum for all interested in this age to share stories, pictures and ask questions that will aid them and others in the research of their family. Also, I expect there will be those interested in the history of that time. I hope this to be a helpful forum as others visit and post comments.

Lastly, this site will serve as a clearinghouse of like information and items that I find of interest as a student of the Civil War. Myself and family have recently taken up the hobby of reenacting. I expect others that may visit this site to share like interests. So I will post everything from my favorite sutlers, to recent event pictures, to interesting links about the War Between the States, particularly those of the Western Theater.

I look forward to seeing all your posts!

Brent L. Harty and younger brother Nathaniel Joseph Harty, October 2006. Nathaniel's middle name is in honor of
Joseph G. Lewis.

The Harty Family October 2006
James, Bethany, Brent, Thomas, Jacob, Joseph and Emeline. Joseph is name for Joseph G. Lewis as well.

In Remembrance of all Missourians who rallied to fight to defend their State from Yankee Invaders!

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Do you have any more information for Robert Morrison English?