Saturday, July 14, 2007

Battle of Prairie Grove-December 1862

Well, while it does not appear as though the 8th MO Cavalry Regiment was involved in this engagement, their general for much of the War, John S. Marmaduke sure was. The push was designed to regain some lost ground after Elkhorn Tavern. The 8th must have been in transit (as at this point, they were recently organized from the Missouri State Guard), but if they weren't with Marmaduke yet, they were soon to be in the area.

In either case, these are interesting battle stories that fill the gap after the Elkhorn Tavern repulse and the battles around Little Rock, and eventually, the Battle of Helena. General Marmaduke was sent by General Thomas C. Hindman to harrass the Yanks under General James Blunt. But Blunt heard of the movement, and went out to meet Marmaduke under his own terms. The Battle of Cane Hill occurred, followed a few days later by the Battle of Prairie Grove.

General Thomas C. Hindman

But long story short (as with much of the War) the Confederate forces just didn't have enough reserve men to bring up, ammunition or other supplies to hold and pursue the fruits of the first day of fighting. And so the Trans-Mississippi Army was pushed further in Arkansas, and of course, Missouri was further from being 'secure' in the Confederacy.

The Borden House at the Battle of Prairie Grove
Where Union Forces were Repelled

Enjoy the history of the battles of Cane Hill and Prairie Grove!

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