Sunday, July 29, 2007

Regimental Horse Supply

Here is a list of the Regimental Horse Supply in 1863 (courtesy of James McGhee's book Campaigning With Marmaduke). It is interesting, for as Mr. McGhee said,

"Such information, while not definitive, clearly reveals the serious problems connected with maintaining and effective cavalry unit when the rigors of campaigning, and every day usage, deprived troops of usual mounts....Additionally, when horses were unavailable, the soldier was normally required to find a replacement himself or risk be transferred to the infantry, a fate worse than death to
many, with the results and desertion rates soared....when the dearth of horses caused many to be transferred to Col. Robert E. Lawhter's Temepory Discmounted Cavalay Regiment. While some few of the troopers located a mount and returned to the regiment, most did not."

Jan. 1863 Regimental totals: 465
May. 1863 Regimental totals: 465
Jul 1863 Regimental totals: 304
Sep 1863. Regimental totals: 326

Below are pictures of my sons Tom and Jacob with this beautiful Percheron/quarterhorse mix named Chappy. He was a great horse. Also, here are his owners Mr and Mrs Brown from Northern Illinois. They are in their fancy dress garb for a marriage vows renewal ceremony at the last re-enactment we attended.


CSA Brent said...

From a relative, Mike Coleman, who visited the site, along with my comments...

Loved the site...
Especially since you have my relatives listed. LOL The Whitledge’s listed are my great Great grandfather and his brothers and 1 cousin. I do remember seeing the name Harty listed on the family tree I have at the house as well as Launius also. I’ll be following the blog closely. I’m also a member of the SCV . And I belong to the Coffee Camp. Talk to you later. Time to go home from work. My wife and I train horses in the evenings when we get off from our day jobs. Keeps things interesting. LOL


So glad to hear from you. I'm glad you like the site. I'll try to keep it fresh with new content.

I'd love to see your family research. My Dad does a great amount of family history, so I'd like to share it with him also. I added his email in the cc section. His name is Paul Hampton Harty Jr.

You might be interested, but I do civil war reenacting. Likely next year, I'll start a dismounted 8th MO CAvalry CSA. In the near future, my plan is to get to full mounted cavalry. You being a horse lover, I thought you'd like that.

I'm glad you and wife enjoy horses. And live in Springfield, MO. I doesn't get too much better than that!

Thanks again for the kind words and for getting in contact with me. I hope to hear from you at your convenience. bh

CSA Brent said...

It is great to hear from those who are descendants of 8th MO Cav. veterans. That's the major point of the site!

CSA Mike said...

I hope to see your site continue to grow. I would like to obtain as many photographs of the 8th as I can. Especially of D company. I already have Jim M's book on the 8th. I'll pass on any information and photos I find as well. Keep up the good work. Maybe we can meet-up someday and tour the local battlefields in this area.

Anonymous said...

I need to "Google" relatives' names more often! Loved your site; my Great-Great Grandfather was Co.F Pvt.Elisha Harmon Launius; are we related? :o) I'm also related to Lewises in Stoddard County in that same time frame. My husband's family business is the sutlery "Twin Rivers Mercantile"~ (maybe you've seen them at various events)~
Keep up the good work here; I have always been very interested in geneology, but did most of mine through "snail mail" when joining DAR several years back...I need to get into it again, as there is so much more information now on the internet!
I'll keep watching!

Anne Launius Berbling

CSA Brent said...


Great to hear from you! I know we're related somehow, but I'm not sure. My Dad, Paul Harty Jr., would know. If you look at the top right of the blog, you'll see all the direct and indirect ancestors to my family. The Launius's are listed. I also know Elisha was a good personal friend of Joseph Lewis, my grandpap. Also, Elisha is part of a family story. Look at the Grandpap's War book that my Dad compiled from oral history, and read the story on the Alton Prison. I believe it is chapter 5 or 6. Elisha was one of the Stoddard Co. men imprisoned that they went and busted out.

Very excited to hear from you! Please email myself and my Dad. My email is and my Dad's is Hope to hear from you soon!

CSA Brent said...


I couldn't find Twin Rivers Mercantile on a search. I'd love to do business with you all if possible. Please email me your contacts (website, email, etc) so I can see what you all have. Where do you operate out of?

Anonymous said...

I have been doing research on my family lately and have connected myself to Elisha Harmon Launius. He is my great great great grandpa. I also found a couple of pictures of him at my grandmothers house. I can't believe I found this site by just typing his name in. Thank you for making such a wonderful site. My email address is if you want to get in contact.