Friday, September 14, 2007

September Battles of the 8th MO CAV

September was an active month for the 8th Missouri Cavalry. Unfortunately, it was not a winning month for the 8th usually (well, I guess this depends on your perspective as if it was good or bad that the 8th lost those battles!)

At any rate, follow the links to the following battles fought in September.

Bayou Forche (Little Rock) - September 10, 1863

Pilot Knob (Ft. Davidson)
- September 27, 1864

Of course, Pilot Knob is the well known battle. Technically, it was a Confederate win, but the cost to secure the retreat was so high, it must be termed a loss. I am also pretty sure that Colonel William Jeffers of the 8th MO Cavalry was captured here at Pilot Knob as well.

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Freetime said...

My gr. gr. grandfather served with the 8th and per his journal claimed he fought at Dallas and also they burned a barn to the Yankees would be away from their horses fighting the fire while he and other stole their horses. Talked of the boredom and how he would contact a neighbor to contact his wife to meet him in a hollowed out tree and bring him food. Stated the Yankees came by his farm and took his crop pony and wagon and gave his a script to file in Cape Girardeau for payment. When he and his cousins when to Cape the Yankees refused to give him anything stating that this was his (Rebels) contribution to the war effort. I gather after that he joined the Confederacy. It appears that he was captured and give the option of going to prison or serving in the Union Army. So he later appears in the Union army for a month. At the close of the war I found his name listed as a captain of an Artillery Unit under Shelby and surrendering in Arkansas after April 1865. In 1906 he had a pony named Joe after Joe Shelby
John M. Wills 24 Sept 09