Thursday, October 25, 2007

October Battles of the 8th MO Cavalry

Well, there were a lot of battles that the 8th Missouri Cavalry was engaged in. Most were during Price's Raid of 1864. Well, here are the battles...

Pine Bluff, AR- October 25,1863 - Loss This was a very interesting battle where hemp bales were used for protection by the Yankees in the town square. This would be a neat one to see re-enacted!

Price's Raid - Fall of 1864
Leasburg, MO Oct. 1 - This was the first engagement past Pilot Knob defeat.

Union, MO Oct. 1
Washington, MO Oct. 2
Miller’s Station, MO Oct. 3

Hermann, MO Oct. 4
Boonville, MO Oct. 10

Glasgow, MO Oct. 15 - WIN
Lexington, MO Oct. 19 - WIN
Little Blue, MO (Westport) Oct. 21 - WIN
Independence, MO Oct. 22 - WIN
Big Blue, MO (Byram’s Ford) Oct. 23 - Loss
Mine Creek, KS Oct. 25
- Loss

These two last defeats spelled the end of Price's Army and their efforts to free Missouri. I surely appreciate the efforts of the 8th MO Cavalry to protect their families and their beliefs of self-government in true Jeffersonian style.

I also appreciate those who fought for the Union, as the same can be said of their efforts. Well, except that little bit of local vs. federal government. I don't agree with that, but all that is neither here nor there!


Anonymous said...

Hi Brent,

Appreciated the "October Battles of the 8th MO Cavalry". Where do you get all of this wonderful information? Who was the artist of the last battle scene? Sure wish the 8th had more wins and less losses, but they did their best. Proud of them and you for keeping this blog going. Great job!


CSA Brent said...

Most of the info first came from Jim McGhee's book, Campaigning with Marmaduke. After that, I found a lot of the battle descriptions at the Civil War home website.

Oh, I don't know who the artists are either. I got these images from the Library of Congress. They are period sketches. You may recognize the last one...I used it as inspiration on the one of the drawings in Grandpap's War..the drawing for the epilogue, actually.

thanks Dad!