Thursday, November 15, 2007

Good 'Ol Missouran!

You may have heard the old-time song, Good 'Ol Rebel. Well, I found a few of lyrics a bit distasteful, so I made up my own version of the song! It is, of course, heavily slanted with a Southeast Missouri flavor. I hope you like it...

Good Ol’ Missouran

Words Adapted by Brent Harty – Sept. 2007

Oh, I’m a good ol’ Missouran
And that’s just what I am

And to them meddlin’ Yankees
I wish they’d turn and scram
I’m glad I fought against ‘em
I only wish we’d won
I ain’t asked them no pardon
For anything I’ve done

I rode with Colonel Jeffers
And his band of Southern horse
There never were no Yankees
Who could beat us force to force
No, they never did defeat us
But we never could evade
Their dirty foreign politics
Or cowardly blockade

Well we met their lines at Oak Hills
And we broke ‘em plumb in two
And we showed them bully Yankees
Just what we aimed to do
And all across Missouri
We followed “Old Pap’s” flag
We drove them Bluecoats ragged
But I ain’t here to brag

Well we hadn’t any powder
And we hadn’t any shot
We hadn’t any money
To buy up what we ain’t got
So we rode on worn-out horses
And we ate on plain cornmeal
And we licked ‘em where we caught ‘em
With Southern guts and zeal

Well there ain’t as many left of us
That rode out from the start
And then there are the weary
Weakened body, sad of heart
We fought a fight to tell about
And I am here to say
I’ll climb my horse and run ya out
If you’re figuring here to stay!

Repeat 1st Verse

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a said...

Hehehe. I like that song. I can hear you singing it and Jimmy dancin' in the background.

Hey, are you coming home tonight?